Making Money Online: Blogging

blogging imageIf you haven’t heard of blogs or blogging then you obviously haven’t spent a lot of time online in the last few years.  Blogging is one of the most popular ways of putting information and opinions on the internet.  Where people used to start simple websites, now they are starting blogs.  People have blogs for every subject under the sun.  There are blogs about science, politics, parenthood, sports, metaphysics, and even blogs about how to make money online!

Blogs themselves can be a great source of income if you are willing to devote the time and energy required to keep the blog going.  There is more to blogging than simply putting up a picture of a smiley face and then sticking some Adsense code underneath it.

Here are the ways that you can use blogging to help you make money online:

Blogging Advertisment Revenue

There are plenty of advertising programs on the internet that are blog-friendly and depending on the popularity of your blog, you can generate anywhere from a few dollars every month to a few thousand dollars a day!  Adsense is the Granddaddy of blog advertising, but if it isn’t your thing (or if, once upon a time, you were banned from the program) there are plenty of alternatives.  Text Link Ads, BlogAds, Federated Media, AdBrite and BlogHer are all great revenue share advertising programs.  You could also look into selling advertising independently.  If you have some marketing and networking know-how and know how to manipulate your templates, selling advertising is a great way to make money online!

Blogging Affiliate Links

A blog is a great showcase for affiliate links, particularly if your blog belongs to a specific niche.  In fact, if you are a “niche blogger” affiliate links will probably generate more income for you than you can make with advertising.  There are tons (tons) of affiliate programs out there.  Just be careful not to plaster your blog with too many affiliate links.  A blog that has more affiliate links than text or content is a total turn off and not only will you not build your audience but you’ll become a cautionary tale in the blogosphere.  It is hard to shake an “affiliate blogger” reputation once it’s been placed on your shoulders.


This is the pie in the sky for most bloggers.  Some bloggers make such a large name for themselves that they become a focal point for the media.  It takes a long time to get to this point, but it can happen.  Think about Perez Hilton, Heather B Armstrong (Dooce), Wonkette and Kottke.  Thanks to blogging, these people have all managed to make names for themselves outside of the blogosphere.  In order to do this, though, you have to be very patient and very dedicated to your blog.  Not every blogger is offered a book deal or a television hosting spot.

There are plenty of ways that you can use your blog to propel you to financial freedom.  These are just a few ways that will help you make money online.

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